A new world crawls from the wreckage of the last.

This is a fact of life for those who live in Veles. Around 6000 years ago the continent was wiped clean by some kind of terrible force. Most all records were lost of that time period, but from what has been gathered about antiquity we know that the continent had been united under one empire with cities scattered across Veles and that exploration had begun of the New Land.

The year is now 6000 ME (Modern Era). Veles united in a diverse empire under the rule of the Magnus family. The empire has a firm hold over political power of the continent, though there are underground resistance movements that claim the Empire does not work its citizens’ benefit. However, most these groups are quickly quashed once they become more than a private gathering of a couple friends talking. The capital city of Atlas is a melting pot of all the different regions and cultures of Veles.

There is a strict draft rule in the Magnus Empire that all citizens must serve in the military for a minimum of five years before living as a civilian. Many of the young adults in Veles currently serving in the military are in a large Magnus exploration of the New Land.

Not much is known about the New Land or its inhabitants at this time, but that their culture is very different and it is thought that they are hostile.

The Rise and Fall

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