Stagno Ferrosmeden

A disgruntled dwarf doing whatever it takes for his people's freedom.


Stagno Ferrosmeden was born to a working class family in Cold Bank. He was the only son of a blacksmith and seamstress. His parents, Stannis and Luna, did their best to try and raise Stagno properly. However, Cold Bank had been invested for centuries in what would be known as the The Seventy-Five Years’ War. Stagno’s great-great-grandfather, Wolfram, was hailed as a brave warrior in the war, but like many dwarves he was also a casualty. Even though the war was long over, dwarves occasionally had a rebellion. The Magnus Family was encroaching on dwarven teritory in the Gunarakz Heights, reducing dwarven strongholds considerably. Like many dwarves, Stannis left his family in order to repel the oppressive monarchy with only his faint memories of military training and an iron will for his people’s freedom. Unfortunately, like his grandfather, Stannis perished in battle. With her son too young to ever really know his father, Luna was left to raise her son on her own. To escape the bloodshed, Luna moved closer to the Frostfall Mountains to start a new life with her son.

Of his own volition, Stagno followed his father’s footsteps by beginning to blacksmith at the age of five. By the time Stagno was nine his mother’s health was failing her. The extreme conditions associated with the Frostfall Mountains were believed to be the cause. He withdrew from his education and, like his father, started his own business in order to earn money for medication and healers. It was to no avail. Luna died when Stagno was 11. Stagno became introverted and withdrawn. He didn’t leave his house; he didn’t speak to anyone. He was alone. All he was left with were his tools. It was during this time he began to master his craft. Working with his hands kept him occupied. Before long Stagno was one of the most revered smiths in the Gunarakz Highlands. Stagno’s secretive nature and master craftsmanship caught the eye of local dwarves.

Talks of resistance towards the monarchy occasionally hummed throughout the town. However these rumors were gone as quickly as they came. That is unless you were a part of the resistance. The leader of the resistance, Gamah, was intrigued by Stagno’s secretive nature and superior weaponry, especially for someone so young. Stagno was 17 when Gamah approached him about the resistance. Stagno was immediately invested. After all, it was the humans who had slain his father. Stagno started providing weapons to Gamah’s resistance and attending gatherings on the possibility of an up rise. Stagno adored Gamah, almost like a father. He made Stagno feel proud to be a dwarf. When the time came to it, Gamah and Stagno charged into battle side by side to fight for the freedom of their people. Although unsuccessful, Stagno earned a will to fight for his people. He wanted his people to be free. He didn’t want anyone to suffer the oppression his people endured for 800 years.

Stagno resisted his mandatory military service as best he could. He refused to serve those who oppressed his people. After he was finally hunted down and given the ultimatum of servitude or death, Stagno reluctantly accepted his time in the military. Stagno was put in the battalion of Darson Mantok, a man who saw his soldiers as expendable. Stagno couldn’t believe that someone could view life as so dispensable. Stagno excelled in battle, but he saw other, less experienced soldiers move in the ranks ahead of him. He believed the military wouldn’t want a dwarf to hold any position of power due the conflicts between the monarchy and dwarves. They were afraid of what dwarves could do.

After returning from his time in the military, Stagno suffered to reestablish his business. The presence of humans was stronger than when he had left, replacing many dwarven businesses and neighborhoods with human ones. Without a chance to return to blacksmithing, Stagno turned to thievery. He felt it was only fair that he stole from those who had stolen so much from him. Much of what he took was sold to fences or traded in black market deals in the Highlands. He began to keep a stockpile of weapons he stole. He was planning on rebelling. He attracted a small group of dwarves interested in his cause, but the Gunarakz Highlands weren’t the safe haven for dwarves that it used to be. Stagno was caught by the authorities and put in jail for conspiracy against the empire. Stagno used this time to plot and plan. Shortly into his sentence, Stagno picked the lock, knocked out a guard by smashing his head into a stone wall, grabbed what weapons and supplies he could, and disappeared into the night. The only thing more mysterious than his disappearance into the shadows is the foreign area he finds himself in.

They took his home. They ruined his livelihood. They discriminated against him. They oppressed his people. They killed his great grandfather. They killed his father. Stagno wants the Magnus Family to pay. He wanted his people to get fair representation. A cold steel blade will be their voice.

Stagno Ferrosmeden

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