Firge Vorson

Weathered Veteran with a heart of gold.


Firge Vorson was born in Atlas city. He grew up as a happy normal boy in a middle income household along with an older sister, Thara. His parents were valued servants of a well-known good-hearted noble, Sir Rathon. When the time came, he served his mandatory time in the military. There he excelled through the ranks and his commanding abilities were shown in full light.

He was made one of the youngest captains on Magnus Empire record, often deployed to hold a line where others would have failed. That being said, there were others from Atlas that rivaled Firge in capability but where Firge showed concern and genuine consideration for each one of his soldiers, others were bloodthirsty and power hungry. A slightly older man by the name of “Darson Mantok” stood out as Firge’s rival due to conflicting philosophies. Darson preached that soldiers were expendable, there purpose is to kill, and as long as they take out one other enemy, they have done their job. He even attempted to appeal to the military brass to incorporate this mentality as standard procedure; Firge opposed adamantly.

At about this time Firge became married to a local woman, Caperia, he had met through Rathon. His parents attended the wedding but died soon after due to a sickness that was never fully explained; There had been rumors of a plague but nothing widespread. Life continued as normal, Darson and Firge competed for assignments constantly. Darson’s casualties were always higher yet he explained it off as a necessary setback. News soon came in that something was threatening the empire, a large force had amassed near Coldbank and was marching toward Atlas. Both Firge and Darson wanted to lead the battle. Military brass picked Firge for his conservative techniques and ability to hold the line. Darson criticized them and swore his revenge on Firge while storming out of the city.

Firge left for the front and began to build his line. Soon after arriving, he received news that his wife was pregnant. Sparking morale unlike anything before, Firge’s force defended their home to the fullest. The Coldbank Army were forced to retreat. The end of the battle also produced better news: Caperia had bore Firge a daughter. The return to Atlas was expedited due to the news.

After receiving decoration and praise for his service, Firge rushed home to see his family. Upon nearing his house, he noticed his older sister backing out the doorway, which was odd since his sister lived across town. As he approached, a grim scene unfolded. Darson was holding a bloody swordpoint to her throat as she walked backward out of the house clutching Firge’s baby. Thara was weeping violently as she backed against a wall. Firge was filled with rage, that of which he had never felt before. Screaming Darson’s name, he drew his ceremonial sword and drove it through the side of his rival’s neck. Blood sprayed everywhere, yet Darson laughed. He sank to his knees, gurgling and coughing yet smiling. He had had his revenge at last. Thara pointed into the house with a wavering finger and Firge entered. There lay his wife, Caperia, dead.

15 Years passed. Firge’s daughter, Streya, now lives with Thara. Firge now lives a normal life, a living legend. He serves as an advisor to the Magnus Family. With the discovery of the New Land, the need for experienced veterans to train new recruits arose. Firge reluctantly answered the call after a decade and a half of non-service, and now finds himself on a ship headed toward an unexplored world…

Firge Vorson

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