Cynical Nomadic Mage


I was born amongst a wandering tribe of Tieflings in the Barrens. We were a tribe of loners. We avoided cities and outsiders. Occasionally we’d trade with wandering salesmen but never ventured into cities; we primarily lived off the land. My tribe was hardy and strong but afraid of change. This was both a strength and a weakness. We were independent and strong but ignorant of much of the world.

At the start of my adolescence I began to develop magical powers. They started as prestidigitation but they grew over time. These new powers frightened my fellow tribesmen and our elder made the decision to cast me out. I do not hold a grudge against my people. They’re closed minded but were frightened by what they did not understand.

I wandered the Barrens for a few years. I would not have survived if not for my powers. Living alone in the barrens forced me to hone my magical abilities, helping me to become the wizard I am today.

In my late teens a dangerous encounter with a gang of wild dragonborn forced me to venture to the city of Zul’Gurara for aid. I became enamored with the city. I spent many years living on the streets learning about city life and modern society. I built a life for myself in Zul’Gurara. I had a home and even a few friends. I worked as a librarian and used my time at work to study up on magic and history. I enjoyed my life in the city until one of my “friend” framed me for a murder he committed. I’m no longer welcome in cities and have a bounty on my head. I was forced to leave the life I built behind and go on wandering Veles.

Due to my betrayal I’ve become skeptical of new people and generally keep to myself. My experience have taught me to always expect the worse of life and people.


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